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Altug Kop
Business Owner

"They have been superb so far and so quick to action my website requests. Hopefully, this quality of service continues!"

Appzo Apps

"Been using this service for a few months. Great service and it's a great way for a solopreneur to manage multiple sites. It allows me to focus on content etc. rather than worrying about things such as updates and backups. The backend works great. They ask before installing major plugins and let you know if you need to do anything on your side. Great!"

Ugo Lopez
Business Owner

"PrettyWP is an easy but invaluable service, I'm using it for my Company & Customer websites. At a (low) fixed price, you get excellent assistance on WP websites."

Business Owner

"Pretty WP has been a great addition to our business. They help us manage multiple websites and are very reliable in their work. They are lightning fast, they come up with alternative ideas or do exactly as the client wants and make sure we are taken care of. I definitely would recommend them to anyone who needs support and to be able to rest at night knowing they overlook your website for you. I've been with them for 2 months so far and I can't run my business without them! 100% recommended"

Ari Eko Prasethio
Business Owner

"I would like to share my experience with the exceptional customer support provided by PrettyWP. From the moment I reached out for assistance, I was met with professionalism, efficiency, and a genuine desire to help. The support team went above and beyond to ensure that my concerns were addressed promptly and effectively. Their dedication and expertise gave me confidence that my issue would be resolved, and indeed, it was resolved in a timely manner. I am truly grateful for the outstanding customer support I received and would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of assistance."

Dr Rockson Samuel
Business Owner

"WordPress Expertise & Excellent Customer Service - I consider Prettywp not only a safe pair of hands but also an excellent service. Very responsive, always ensure they understand what is required and I find that they will look to go the extra mile wherever possible. We have a portfolio of brand WP websites hosted with them and they are more secure and stable than before, not to mention much faster."

Jim Bowen
Agency Owner

"Honestly, this service has saved me on numerous occasions when it comes to backup and restoration of my WordPress blogs, even more so than my host. Highly recommended for anyone running a WordPress website."

Abishekh Kc

"I am working as an SEO executive. I don't know much coding to customize my themes and designs from the backend. So, I always wanted a support person. But most of the programmers are busy and don't want to spend their time on my small tasks. Also, they were asking for unaffordable charges for small changes. I never knew that this platform existed until I got a deal from PitchGround. That was a life-saving deal for me."

Business Owner

"Amazing website management and support services. An absolute pleasure to work with. I am a one-man creative agency, so I cannot manage all of my client's sites by myself, but they can. They are friendly, and knowledgeable, and always try to help even if it's not strictly in their remit. Their live chat support is really fast, but ticket support takes 1-2 hours. But whenever I need help, they are there for me. Thank you guys for the amazing deal, and I hope you guys will continue providing the awesome service."

Peter Dahlstroem
Business Owner

"I am very happy with the service from PrettyWP, I am now using them for 3 WordPress websites. They have great and very responsive support, I can only recommend them."

Eryka Quintero
Agency Owner

"What makes our experience great with Pretty WP is their stellar customer support, WP knowledge, and experience. Their response time is quite exceptional, which is critical when dealing with our clients. Having them as an extension of our business has given us peace of mind and allowed us to concentrate our time, attention, and efforts on growing our business. Their support allows us to develop in ways we would not otherwise be able to do as a small business."

Greg Breen
Agency Owner

"Having a great experience. Just dropped them a task on Friday and Saturday I received a message it was complete. So good, so easy!"

Julien Vanwinsberghe
Business Owner

"I'm in love with PrettyWP, every time I have an issue with a WordPress site, I open a support ticket, and they fix it the same day. This is really great! I 100% recommend it!"

Business Owner

"Kindness, competence and professionalism. The support is very reliable as well as their services. Thank you so much PrettyWP"

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