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Save up to 97% with our LTD

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What our users say

I have been using PrettyWP for a few months. Great service and it’s a great way for a solopreneur to manage multiple sites. It allows me to focus on content etc. rather than worrying about things such as updates and backups. The backend works great. They ask before installing major plugins and let you know if you need to do anything on your side. Great!


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We Believe in Giving Back.

We’ll donate enough for at least one tree to be planted with each purchase!

Questions? Fire away

Have a question? You can find the answers to the most common questions we get asked by our customers. If your question is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I get started with PrettyWP?

You have to choose a plan based on your needs and click on Get Started. Then you will be redirected to the signup page and create an account with us! Once done, we will send you introductory emails that include how you can share the credentials securely with us, get support, ask for edits/changes, and some recommendations to improve.

How do I share my site credentials securely with your team?

We’ll send you introductory emails once you’ve signed up for one of our plans. And those emails include all the details regarding getting started.

How many sites can be managed under one PrettyWP Plan?

Our Lifetime Deal Includes 5 or up to 10 sites per code. So, you can add up to 10 sites if you have purchased one code from us, and 5 sites if you have purchased one code on our Partner Sites.

How can I contact support if needed?

You can reach our support via Live Chat, Email or you can raise a support ticket by logging in to our Partner Portal.

How many edits can I request per month?

You can request unlimited edits per month, but you have to know what you can request!

  • Posts and Pages (Included): You want us to publish the post, change images or content on your site that you have sent to us.
  • Posts and Pages (Not Included): You want us to write a blog post and publish it on your site.
  • WooCommerce (Included): You want us to add new products to your site (You have to provide all the necessary details)
  • WooCommerce (Not Included): You want us to create custom flows like checkout progresses or custom WooCommerce pages.
  • Media (Included): You want us to upload the image to your site or replace the image on your content. (All the necessary files should be given)
  • Media (Not Included): You want us to find the image for your site/content.


Others (Included):

  • You want us to replace a heading or paragraph on your site (Necessary details should be given)
  • You want us to install and set up the plugin and themes.


Not Included:

  • You want us to create a custom heading or paragraph to replace or create new content on your site.
  • You want us to develop a custom plugin, theme, site, or custom functionalities.
Do I have to wait? What is your response time to the chat, ticket and email?

It’s important to know about our response and resolution times to your support requests.

In most cases, we’ll reply to your live chat messages, tickets, or emails within a few minutes. Our average response time to live chat messages is 3-5 minutes.

In some cases, it may need some to take a look into the issue, but our team will reply to your requests within 1-3 hours.

Do you provide migration services?

Yes, we do offer migration services and it’s included in all of our care plans.

How are payments collected?

Payments are collected via PayPal, FastSpring and Stripe. When you sign up for one of our plans, you have a choice to pay using your debit, credit cards, or using your PayPal account!

Is there a discount for non-profits and charities?

Yes, if you’re a non-profit organization then we offer a 20% discount on all of our plans! Applicable to our Monthly and Yearly Plans only.

Can PrettyWP fix and troubleshoot the conflicts caused by plugins, themes or something else?

Of course, we do! Once you have signed up for one of our care plans, we will take care of your website. Our team will fix all the issues on your site, including the conflicts caused by the plugin, theme updates and hosting issues, etc. So, you don’t have to worry about this!

Are there any hidden costs?

No, once you have purchased our lifetime deal, you don’t have to pay nothing unless you want to add more sites or subscribe to our add-ons.

Do you provide support to websites built using other platforms?

Currently, we’re focused on maintaining and supporting WordPress sites only. But, sure in the future!

Still have any questions?

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